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  In 1992, HYFELIOS Travel & Tourism, based in Athens, made its first steps in travelling, and at the same time generated a new standard in the area of Pilgrimage Tourism.

  We have extended our activities in all parts of tourism. From ticket bookings, transportation and accommodation arrangements, packages for FITs, to Group reservations, congresses and specialized programmes. This gives our customers and collaborators, the ability to choose from a wide range of products with efficient and competitive services.

  At the same time however, we have concentrated with passion on Pilgrimage Τravel, and in particular to the Holy Land region.


  Pilgrimage Travel for us, is a sensitive and very specialized area. All our trips, from the one-day within Greece, to the multi-day overseas, receive our full dedication, good programming, and excellent execution. Something, that characterizes the Travel Bureau HYFELIOS.

  Our distinguished specialization for Pilgrimage Tours in the Holy Land, allows us to provide the best of services to all those who choose to travel with us to the Holy Places.

  The special “character” of our tours, the specialized guiding, the strict execution of our programmes, as well as the local staff involved, classifies our Travel Agency in the category of Specialized Agencies for Special Tours, and at the same time guarantees the success of such trips.

  We invite to the world of “HYFELIOS”. Choose from our products so that you will give us the chance to provide you with our specialized services, but also to get to know us better.

  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or help that you might need.


  Our aim was never to become the biggest, but the best.

  And our best advertisement has always been our customers.


Theodoros D. Varaklas

HYFELIOS Travel & Tourism Sole LTD